Welcome to the IBSE Brunei website that provides teaching resources to support the implementation of the IBSE Brunei project. Over the next three years of the project more and more resources will be uploaded onto the website so that ultimately the resources provided will cover the whole of the Years 4 – 9 Science Curriculum.

The comprehensive teaching resources and professional development programme are designed to enhance your knowledge and understanding of inquiry-based teaching and learning approaches and boost your confidence and competence in their classroom implementation. The Brunei context-based teaching resources are also designed to inspire, engage, motivate and enthuse students and  improve their attitudes, values, knowledge, understanding and process skills in science, inculcate their interest and improve their performance in the science subjects

The IBSE Brunei project believes that inquiry-based teaching and learning is an interactive process that actively engages students in learning in meaningful ways, characterised by interactive and student-centred activities that are used to involve students in discussion, exploration, experimentation, analysis and interpretation leading to them constructing their ideas, explanations and understanding through active involvement.

IBSE Brunei Phase II started in April 2013. In this phase of the project guided inquiry is embedded within a serial constructivist model, the 7E learning cycle 

  • Engage
  • Elicit
  • Explore
  • Explain
  • Elaborate
  • Extend
  • Evaluate

The comprehensive teaching resources are organised into units. Each unit covers a distinct part of the curriculum, and is composed of 3 - 5 context-based learning episodes. The teaching resources include Unit and Episode Teacher’s Guides, Teacher PowerPoints , Video clips, and Student Support Sheets.

We hope you will enjoy using the teaching resources in your science classrooms.