Chemistry - Year 4

National Housing Scheme

In this unit, National Housing Scheme, pupils are introduced to variety of materials that are required to build any object. Puan Hjh Ashikin is the Head Engineer of the International Brunei Science Engineering Consultant Firm (IBSE CF) and she hires pupils where they act as apprentice engineers. The purpose of this unit is to justify the scientific investigations on understanding, knowledge and skills about materials. In which pupils will gain knowledge and skills of choosing, classifying, making, building things. The pupils will carry out different investigations and observations to understand that different materials have different properties. Pupils are also exposed on what the materials’ of the objects is made depending on suitability and the use of the objects. Eventually, the pupils will have the chance to design and build stable objects with their own choice of materials.  Hence, pupils should be able to relate and apply it a real world context.


Unit 2

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Unit 3

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