Junior Masterchef

In the unit Junior MasterChef pupils are participating in the next Junior MasterChef. The unit is hosted by Chef Hadi throughout all the four episodes. The unit gives opportunities for pupils to practise inquiry-based activities and cover some of the key content concerned with heat and temperature. 

Episode 1: Safety in the kitchen

Safety in the kitchen is the first episode of the Junior MasterChef Unit. In this episode, pupils act as participants in Science MasterChef Junior. They will be introduced to the idea of how cooking affects food and the possible sources of heat in the kitchen. They also produce a poster to provide safety rules for a busy commercial kitchen.

Episode 2: Dessert

Junior MasterChef episode 2 is about temperature. Pupils will observe freezing and boiling in the context of food and will practise reading a thermometer correctly. In addition to this, pupils will be making desserts such as ice cream and sago gula melaka for their main activity.

Episode 3: Ganache

In Episode 3 of the unit, Junior MasterChef, the pupils are challenged to make ganache (topping) for a cupcake. This tasks focus on finding the right temperature to make the ganache. They will be guided to carry out the investigation on determining the right temperature for the ganache. They will look at heat flow between the cooker and the ganache ingredients.

Episode 4: Perfect utensils

And finally in episode 4, Perfect Utensils, the pupils will learn about heat flow or conduction of heat in solids. They will learn to choose suitable cooking materials/utensils before they do the cooking.

Unit Guide

This provids an overview of the complete learning episode.


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