Mini Chili Garden

This unit looks at the main parts of a plant and their functions int he context of a garden at a primary school. The pupils help Uncle Fadli, the school’s gardener, to grow chilis for the school ktchens.

Episode 1

The unit begins by introducing Uncle Fadli, the school’s gardener, to the pupils. Uncle Fadli wants to make a school mini chili garden. He needs the pupils to help him to understand about the chili plant before he could make the school mini chili garden.  This episode focuses on finding out what the pupils already know about the parts of plants and developing this to to further understand the chili plant. Pupils will be given a chance to discover the differences and similarities of various plants.

Episode 2

In this unit, Uncle Fadli needs the pupils help in setting up the school’s mini chilli garden. The pupils will do some investigation to help Uncle Fadli choose the best condition to grow the Chilli plant based on the type of root it has. At the same time, the pupils are given some challenging questions to aid their investigation.

Episode 3

This episode looks at the aerial parts of the plants: the shoots and leaves.

Episode 4: 

In this episode, Uncle Fadli is very curious about how a chilli flower turns into a chilli fruit.  The pupils help him to investigate about this matter with the teacher’s supervision. Through the investigation help them to develop their knowledge and understanding the parts of the plant and their functions. This episode also includes a differentiated activity about floral struycture andadaptations, choose the 1A/B for the most able, 2A/B for middle ability and 3A/B for your least able groups.


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