Physics - Year 5

Music in my life

In this unit, pupils are introduced to sound energy. The unit begins with a discussion on how sounds are produced and the different types of sounds we hear in everyday life. Musical instruments are used as an example of how sound is produced when something vibrates. The unit goes on to look at the ways in which sound is used in everyday life. Examples provided include communication with people and devices such as telephones, television and emergency vehicles. The unit concludes with examples and an explanation that sound can travel through solid, liquid and gaseous matter.


Shadow puppets

In this unit, pupils are introduced to light energy. The unit begins by introducing Awang Darwish, a shadow puppet master. He is planning to perform a puppet show which is organized by Darussalam Puppetry Arts. He is looking for apprentices to help him during a new season of performances. 


Unit 3

To follow.