Shadow puppets

In this unit, pupils are introduced to light energy. The unit begins by introducing Awang Darwish, a shadow puppet master. He is planning to perform a puppet show which is organized by Darussalam Puppetry Arts. He is looking for apprentices to help him during a new season of performances. 

Episode 1

The first episode focuses on extracting pupils’ prior knowledge about shadow puppets and the importance of light in shadow puppet theatre. Pupils are given a chance to find out about sources of light through an exploratory activity. This episode also includes the need for light for us to see clearly.

Episode 2

In the second episode, the puppet master wants his junior puppeteers, the pupils, to find out the best position for the source of light to create shadows. The pupils are given an activity to investigate how light travels. They also have a chance to do an investigation on shadows and how the size of the shadow can be changed.

Episode 3

In the third episode, the pupils are doing investigations on different types of materials and how materials can affect the light that shines through them. Pupils will get a chance to make shadow puppets.

Episode 4

In the final episode the master puppeteer wants to add more colours to make the shadow theatre more fascinating. Therefore, he asks his apprentices to investigate how to create more colours by doing few investigations using prisms. Later in this episode, the master puppeteer wants his apprentices to recall back all the data that they had collected and use all the information to prepare their shadow puppet theatre.


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